Cooking with my besties


Welcome to my digital kitchen! 😉 I’m Jessica ,  a 24 y.o who loves to cook, eat, & traveling. The recipes here some of them I found around the net, grandma’s recipe, or I create it myself.  Trying cook healthier than ever for the upcoming post as I live without gallbladder now. I don’t eat meat often once or twice a week,  not a vegan but likes to try Vegan recipes basically the less the better of having fatty food but also not eliminate the nutritions from food that our body needs. I spent my two years overseas, live for a year in Germany and another year in Holland, whenever I travel I also love to discover the local foods so I used to be a big eater 😀 back then before I start all that travels I’m not fond of cooking Indonesian dishes until at some points I miss foods from my home country and to be honest Indonesian restaurant abroad can be real sucks *lol* so that’s where I start to learn to like to cook Indonesian food. In case you’re wondering why there’s many Asian-Indonesian influence well that’s because of my origin 😉

Have fun in trying the recipes!





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